OANDER office

The OANDER advantage

OANDER is a market-leading UX, UI and development agency for companies reaching for a successful omnichannel presence. Our Budapest based 50-person team has wide vertical expertise in the digital commerce domain.

These are the top reasons why you will love working with us

1. We’ve been around for more than a decade.

With hundreds of projects behind us, we can confidently say that we know what e-commerce is all about.

2. From a small aspiring team, to a company with 50 employees.

In the past ten years we’ve learned and developed a lot. From a company started by friends, we’ve grown into an enterprise that employs like-minded professionals who like to work together and who are aiming to achieve the same goals.

3. We’ve learned the ins and outs of e-commerce by ourselves.

Running our own webshops, we know that we have to deliver complex solutions to our clients in order to be successful.

4. We have the biggest team of Magento developers in Hungary.

On top of this, we also have a wide pool of talent with people who are helping to make projects come alive.

5. A UX/UI team for innovative solutions.

Our designer talents will make sure that the developments are not only well-functioning, but they also look professional and unique as well.

6. We deliver solutions.

The business needs of our clients provide an endless source of inspiration to us. To be able to cater to all their different needs, we have developed hundreds of our own extensions.

7. We are agile – whether it comes to methodology or to our attitude.

We’re not delusional. We are fully aware that the needs of our clients might change along the way. We know that focuses tend to shift and with our agile approach we know exactly how to handle these situations.

8. We develop our own products.

The needs of our clients brought several module developments to life – but these are only the tip of the iceberg. To deliver to a wide range of requirements, we developed a carefully-considered webshop template, so future clients will be able to enter the market quicker and in a smoother way. We’ve also established a separate division that supports with the business-flow and integration management of webshops and different ERP and CRM systems.

9. We’re always a step ahead of the game.

After developing webshops, we’ve wandered to new territories: we’ve updated the base functionalities of Magento and created a new, cutting-edge ticketing and event managing platform.